Life Protection

Safeguard Articles
In the field of safeguard articles, UHMWPE fibre reflects excellent properties including high impact toughness. Its absorb impact energy is the highest among advanced composites and 2.6, 3 and1.8 times higher than aramid fiber, carbon fibre and E glass fiber composite materials. Due to its high impact resistance and bulletproof property, it can be made into bulletproof vest, helmet and armor, etc. UHMWPE fibre composite armor’s bulletproof property is 2.5 times higher than aramid fibre, so it can be made into the lightest but strongest armor. Its U/P is 10 and over 2 times greater than steel and glass and aramid fibre respectively, so it can be used for soft bulletproof vest and bulletproof steel plate, as well as armor and impact resistance plate for racers and alpinists. Therefore, it can be said UHMWPE fibre has great potential in life protection. Besides bulletproof vest and helmet, it can be made into bulletproof armor, banknote carrier, armored car, bulletproof car and armed helicopter as well as anti-explosion liner, all of which should attribute to its light weight property. Because of good textile processing performance, it can be made from stab-resistant and scrape-resistant fabrics.