Mooring line
In the world of ropes, the emergence of UHMWPE fiber brings a sensation due to its long-term reliability and dependability. With the density of 0.97 g/cm3, modulus of 1150 cN/dtex, and tensile strength of 32 cN/dtex, DOYENTRONTEX® fiber could provide solutions for various application areas such as offshore and mooring in the sea.
DOYENTRONTEX® fiber is not affected by sea water and has excellent abrasion, wear and UV resistance. The rope with DOYENTRONTEX® fiber could be manufactured in two different constructions and a number of combinations. The main structure consists of stranded rope, layed rope and braid rope, while the specific construction depends on end-use of customer. Because customer’s demands for performance of rope are always partly contradictory, the most suitable construction should be found for each application.
After years of development, DOYENTRONTEX® fiber has been successfully used in offshore and mooring in several countries all around the world. As demonstrated on the left picture, our product which was jointly developed with one Oil & Gas company now is successfully used in mooring of offshore platform.