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  • HMPE Fiber of Pre-dyed

    TYZ Colored UHMWPE fiber have a higher UV-resistance and abrasion resistance compared with natural white UHMWPE fiber.

  • Product Description

    Compared with the traditional dyeing process, UHMWPE Fiber of Pre-dyed is made is dyed with the original liquid, which greatly reduces the amount of dye, improves the absorption rate of the dye, reduces the generation of waste water, and greatly enhances color fastness of the fiber, while the mechanical properties, such as fiber strength, keep consistent with the properties of the natural white UHMWPE fiber.

  • Performance

  • Applications

    TYZ UHMWPE Fiber of Pre-dyed family has welcomed the industrialization of Black, Orange, Yellow, Green, Red and Blue colors, and has always been updating with customized products as per the requirements and applications of customers. The actual colors of the fiber shall be same as samples approved by both supplier and customers.
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