Intellectual Property

Beijing Tongyizhong New Material Technology Corporation

Beijing Tongyizhong New Material Technology Corporation (BJTYZ) was registered in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone in 1999 with a registered capital of 224.67million. BJTYZ is affiliated to the State Development and Investment Corporation (SDIC) and is a subsidiary of SDIC International Trading Co., Ltd.
At present, BJTYZ employs nearly 700 people and has a plant area of nearly 65,000 square meters, for research and development, production and office. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of UHMWPE fiber and its composite materials, including but not limited to PEUD, aramid UD and other ballistic products, awarded as Beijing Experts Work Station, Beijing Enterprise Technology Center and Beijing Patent Demonstration Unit.


BJTYZ has always adhered to the road of technological innovation and continuously strengthened patent application and protection. By the end of 2018, BJTYZ had applied for 74 patents and been authorized 45 patents, including 21 invention patents and 4 PCT patents. The core patents were awarded the 11th, 16th and 19th China Patent Excellence Awards respectively. In 2014, BJTYZ was recognized as a Beijing Patent Demonstration Unit, which opened the whole way for patent application, management, protection and implementation. Besides, under the guidance and strong support of Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office and Beijing Science and Technology Association, BJTYZ has promoted the use of patent search and analysis databases such as TOTAL PATENT and US SEARCH throughout BJTYZ.


BJTYZ’s UHMWPE fiber and its composite material products have been widely recognized by domestic and foreign customers for its excellent quality, stable performance and reasonable price. The product sales network covers the major regions of the world.
In order to meet the needs of the international market, BJTYZ applied for the international trademark "DOYENTRONTEX" in 28 countries and regions such as United States, Japan and Europe through the Madrid Agreement in 2009. Since 2016, BJTYZ has successively obtained the "TYZ" and "同益中" trademarks in European Union, United States, and China.

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